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April Specials

  1. The Glycemic Index of Honey

    The Glycemic Index of Honey
    Honey and sugar are two of the most common sweeteners worldwide. People use one of the two for sweetness in foods. While both serve the same purpose, their chemical composition and glycemic index vary. Using honey instead of sugar for sweetening purposes may be a better idea. A cardiovascular supplement with honey can suit some patients more than sugar intake...
  2. Role of Vitamin C in Immunity and Wellbeing

    Role of Vitamin C in Immunity and Wellbeing
      Vitamin C plays a fundamental role in boosting immunity. It is an antioxidant that protects the body's cells against the harm of free radicals. Like other essential nutrients, vitamin C intake is crucial for better health and the functioning of organs. People consume it in various forms, including vitamin-rich foods, special supplements, and defense-boost gummies. To help you understand the...

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