A Fit Liver is a Fit You!

Believe it or not, your liver dictates the health narrative of your life.

To emphasize its importance in short, the liver is the second-largest organ in the body and one of its primary functions is to flush out toxins that can be harmful to us.

In addition, our liver processes food, makes bile, helps maintain our blood sugar levels and so much more!

With the festivities and more in order, many of us have not been very vigilant about our liver health. So, we bring you some tips to shore up your liver health.

Maintain a healthy weight

If you are overweight or obese, you are at risk of developing a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is one of the fastest-growing forms of liver disease. Reducing liver fat can be aided by weight loss. Abdominal or central obesity is a major risk factor for developing fat deposits in the bile duct. A healthy weight can be achieved with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper supplementation. The ideal BMI should be your target.

Cut down on excessive drinking

Many health problems can be caused by alcoholic beverages. They can damage or destroy your body's cells, specifically your liver, and scar permanently. Talk to your doctor about the amount of alcohol you can drink. You should either drink alcohol in moderation or quit completely. 

Get vaccinated

This phrase has become really common since the onset of the pandemic, but vaccinations for liver health are important. You can get a vaccine against hepatitis A and B. You should avoid eating raw or contaminated seafood or shellfish. Sexual contact, contaminated blood, and needles can also transmit the disease. Discuss these vaccinations with your doctor.

Take probiotics for liver health

The immune system is stimulated by the production of inflammatory cytokines and ROS in the body that probiotics help to enhance. Decreased lipogenesis and increase of fatty acid -oxidation is one of the effects of probiotics. One way to treat the prevention of chronic liver damage could be achieved with the use of probiotics, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and stimulate host immunity.

While talking about probiotics, LiverFit by WT Rawleigh might be your perfect pick. LiverFit is an intelligent, precision probiotic formulated by a renowned medical institute’s trained scientists. The key master microbes and their metabolites play an important role in gene regulation. Harnessing the benefits of these master microbes unlocks the pathways critical for good health.

These are some tips that you should definitely follow if you want to shore up your liver health. Check out our site for LiverFit probiotics and a wide range of vitamins and supplements. 


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