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  1. The Role of Sugar and Acids in Cancer

    The Role of Sugar and Acids in Cancer
    Sugar and acids are vilified for their perceived roles in feeding cancer cells and helping them spread throughout the body. However, this oversimplification of how cancer grows and spreads can be misleading because it can lead to highly restricted diets that may do more harm than good.  It doesn’t help that the online community is riddled with misinformation and myths...
  2. Spotlight on Urolithin A

    Spotlight on Urolithin A
    Our diet, exercise, and lifestyle regimes have changed considerably over the past decade, leading to the emergence of new diseases and the shift of science from chemical pharmaceuticals to microbiome-based science. Thanks to advancements in science and molecular biology, diet and environmental factors have been considered critical in the composition and metabolism of the human gut and have gathered significant...

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