The world’s elderly population is enormous and is set to pass 1 billion by 2025. Because of their experience and dedication to life, senior citizens deserve to be recognized for their achievements. Enter the 21st of August - Senior Citizens Day-  a national holiday intended to honor and appreciate the elderly in our lives.

Senior citizens carry large amounts of wisdom and knowledge, which is one of the many reasons why caring for them is so important. One way to care for their health and wellbeing is through Rawleigh’s vitamins and supplements. Older adults need care and affection, with Rawleigh’s TimeFighters Antioxidant Formula, Advanced Shark Cartilage for Healthier Bones, Honeybee Propolis with Elderberry (Capsules), and many more, you can give them the support they require. 

While health is a big aspect of Senior Citizens Day, the day still deserves a celebration! Here are some things you can do:

Spend time with the elderly  

This idea might mean the most to the elderly. Daily life is busy, meaning you might not always have time to spend with your family members. Furthermore, they might live very far away. So, on this senior citizen's day, give your elderly loved ones a visit. Doing this can have positive effects on their mental health and well-being. Senior isolation may increase the risk of poor health, cognitive decline, and even dementia. Therefore, it is essential to spend some time with your loved ones. 

Visit local nursing homes

Not all senior citizens are lucky enough to have caring family members. Some have no family that can come visit them. Many are sent off to nursing and retirement homes and never receive a visit or phone call from their family. So, try to visit a local nursing home. This can seriously brighten up a senior’s day and positively impact their health. 

Volunteer for projects that benefit elderly

There are multiple things you can do for the elderly. Start with becoming a companion for seniors in your neighborhood. You can schedule weekly visits to check up on them. You can also try and run errands for them. Lastly, many libraries and community centers host events just for the elderly – try to find out if you can help. 

These are 3 tips we thought of that can make senior citizens feel more welcomed and happy. We hope you make good use of these ideas!