An invitation for us to start healing on a personal level - International Yoga Day!

Yoga is the medium that can restore physical wellness and remind us that we are never alone, but deeply connected with each other. The practice of yoga allows us to dive deep inside our consciousness.

So, for the ones who are feeling burdened and overwhelmed by events in your life and even to those who are not. Now is the time to root your body & mind by beginning to rise through yoga. 

Begin today

There is a huge difference between talking and actually doing. Talking about technique, philosophy, history, and all things yoga makes no sense unless you actually practice yoga. So, make the right move, achieve the correct posture and begin your healthy practice on international yoga day. Just like how Rawleigh’s health supplements and vitamins support your wellness and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, yoga also can be one such support. 

Discard junk

The internet has made it easy for us to buy more and more and more. But in reality, we need much less. We are usually just layering things and ideas upon ourselves. Most of us have become materialistic and are far away from feeling TRULY good. Yoga teaches us to remove the mental clutter and get down to the core of our being. Try this, go through all your belongings and discard the things that you don’t use or have fallen out of love with. Letting go and creating space for your body, mind, and soul will make you feel at peace. 

Go tech-free

Sounds difficult? Well, it isn’t so. Just donate an hour on international yoga day and turn off your phone and laptop. In fact, just unplug the internet and disconnect from all things tech. This disconnection might open your ability to truly connect. Discover the creative being inside you, listen carefully to the sound of nature, and try to meditate. This will be an altogether new learning experience for you and what better day than yoga day to try this? 

Try these ideas and we are sure you will feel good about yourself, both mentally and physically.  But make sure you try these with an open mind and not because you have to do it. Start with whatever excites you and maybe the rest will follow.