For Father’s Day, we are sure you have already finalized an expressive picture, and the right caption, of your father and you to post on social media. But, if you are running out of ideas for how to spend the special day with your father, we are here to help. 

This year, add some fun and happiness to your father's day plans. Below is a list of refreshing ideas and activities that your dad might appreciate. 

Help wash the car

On a bright and sunny father’s day, it'll be the perfect time for a car wash. For years, you’ve seen him love his car and wash it with love. Give him a hand to wash it and while you are there, you could even fill up some water balloons for a water fight, just to add some fun to the car wash activity.

Live music event 

If your father is into music, or not, he is still going to love this idea. Be it country music or jazz, find a live performance to attend on father’s day and you’ll see your father enjoy his heart out.

Take care of a task

Every dad has a project on hand they’ve been meaning to complete for a while. This father’s day, give your old man a hand and take his load off for a while. Take care of whatever lingering tasks he may have on his to-do list and the appreciative smile all over his face is going to bowl you over. 

Bike ride with family 

Spending time with your family is surely very dear to your father. Plus, with a bike ride, you can have a fun outing with your family and also give some time to health. If you are worried your dad is going to undergo any kind of joint pain, then you can also take the opportunity to gift him a bottle of healthy vitamin supplements like Cal-Mag Plus for Stronger Bones, and Advanced Shark Cartilage for Healthier Bones, or Flexezy ER from our website. Make a note of your dad's favorite trails ahead of time and maybe even plan for a picnic once you reach your destination. Some quality family time will definitely put a smile on your father’s face. 

These were a few ideas we could help you out with but in the end, you’re the one who knows your father best. You’ll be able to judge what he will appreciate more than anyone. So, whether you choose the activities from the list above or not, we hope it gives you the right motivation to plan something special for your old man this father’s day.