In America, the International Day of Families is an opportunity for families to come together. It is a time to be with your kin and appreciate the family you have, be it immediate or extended.

At W.T Rawleigh, we believe family is more than the one you are born into. It also includes your extended relatives and your pets. Family for us is with whom you feel secure, safe, and happy.

In honor of this pivotal day, below are 3 bonding activities you can do in and around the house with your family. 

Family garden 

With global warming being a constant scare to our society, it is of the utmost importance to have greenery around us. On a day where you devote time to family, it's only right to encourage kids and motivate the elders to come together and plan a family garden. This will help two purposes - create a sense of bonding and trust between the family and do your part in serving mother nature. 

Family meal 

They say home is where the heart is and your kitchen is the center of the heart. It is the place where your entire family can come together and devour delicious meals over lovely conversations. Studies have shown that kids who eat together with their families are less likely to develop depression. This would also help to increase better communication skills between the kids and the family. Might even help the kids learn to cook a little. 

Family health

When we talk about family, health becomes a priority. Nobody wants their siblings, kids, parents, grandkids, or grandparents to be unwell. This International Day of Families, gift your loved ones a small token of love in the form of health. For generations, W.T Rawleigh has been offering a variety of balms, oils, ointments, and health supplements to their consumers. These products have been in the market for generations and have been passed on to the next of kin as a product of trust. 

Make this International Day of Families a reason to care for the health of your beloved. Our website offers a variety of health products for you to choose from. Still, reading? Go order now.