This year we celebrate World Asthma Day on the 4th of May. Beginning in 1998, this day aims to generate awareness and provide support to those affected by the disease. It focuses on educating individuals about effective ways to control and treat asthma worldwide.

A major cause of asthma during spring is because of pollen. When flowers, trees, grass, and other plants begin to bloom, they release pollen into the air. If you are allergic to pollen this might lead to sneezes, sniffles, and maybe an unwanted desire to lock yourself indoors. These reactions often lead to asthma, making it difficult to breathe.

But pollen is not the only trigger - air pollution and temperature changes are also responsible for many. 

But don’t worry. This spring you won’t have to trade your spring kickball league for a day of Netflix and chill. 

Below are a few checks you must keep in mind to prevent asthma -

Outdoor Air Quality: 

Spring is usually about outdoor activities. A daily check on your outdoor air quality can do wonders around this time. The quality of the air we breathe outdoors can be a trigger. A daily air check will help you be prepared.

Solution: Wear a mask while you head outside on a day when the air quality is uncertain.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance:

Pollen can be a serious trigger for asthma. And in a lawn or garden, you are likely to come into contact with pollen. So, before working in the yard, check your local pollen count. In addition to that, freshly cut grass and manure can also trigger or worsen asthma symptoms. 

Solution: Consider gardening with a mask early in the morning or evening when the pollen count is at its lowest. 

Bugs and Insects: 

Citronella candles and bug sprays may keep mosquitoes at bay but can trigger an asthma attack. It is best to stay far from any strong-smelling candles and mosquito repellents. A way to avoid bugs and mosquitoes is to get rid of empty flower pot liners or other containers holding water in or around the house. 

Solution: Choose lotions that are unscented instead of aerosol sprays.

These are a few checks that you can keep in mind to prevent asthma. But the most effective way to keep your health under control, immunity balanced, and energy levels boosted, is through vitamins and supplements. Not all individuals get the required nutrition from their basic lifestyle and daily routine. 

Here is where Honeybee Propolis with Elderberry or Organic Elderberry Gummies by W.T.Rawleigh may help suppress allergic reactions, boost immunity, and keep your energy levels in their best form!