Vitamin A

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A, an essential fat soluble vitamin, is vital for maintaining vision, reproductive health and strengthening immune function. For children, it is essential for body growth. Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin A from diet should enable one to prevent the symptoms of deficiency, such as hair loss, skin problems, dry eyes, night blindness and increased susceptibility to infections. Deficiency also includes itchy or inflammation of the eyes, hair problems and changes with body tissues.*

4 Key Benefits of Vitamin A

Improved Vision
Vitamin A has shown to improve vision and keep eyes healthy and strong. It helps prevent conditions like dry eyes and night blindness. Vitamin A has shown to reduce the risk of cataract and macular degeneration, eye conditions associated with aging. Glaucoma, or the increase in fluid pressure in the eye, which could lead to blindness can be helped by vitamin A.*

Stronger Immunity
Vitamin A increases the lymphocytic response against disease-causing antigens.. It enhances the activity of white blood cells and prevents infectious germs from entering the body.*

Skin Care
Vitamin A plays a key role in keeping skin healthy and supple. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin A helps fight free radicals and toxins, thereby preventing skin damage. It ensures moisture retention and prevents keratinisation and skin conditions like psoriasis. It also helps reduce excess sebum production, reducing risk of acne, and helps maintain skin tissues and mucous membranes.*

Promotes Muscle Growth
Vitamin A helps keep bones healthy and retains their shape and plays an especially important role in muscle growth in children and teens. It prevents the likelihood of developing muscular dystrophy.*


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