You are what you eat. So eat wisely and as close to your essence, as you possibly can. 

Who am I? 

I grew up in a very spiritual, animal-loving vegetarian home in India. I remember always feeling an instant love for animals of any kind, cat, dog, cow, crow or even an ant. I also remember questioning why we consider us humans to be smarter than them when they inherently knew what their purpose in life was and they never went to school for it.

My mother, being a doctor, introduced us to first aid prep from a very young age and my sister and I were very comfortable helping with wounds, caring for the hurt and this led to many animal rescues. 

As I grew older, I found myself very allergic to cheese and do not recall eating it much growing up. When I came to the United States twenty years ago, I was exposed  to seeing beef and pork as a staple diet of many .

That is when my transition began.


Herbs and holistic care have existed since time immortal. Whether they were the advances of the ancients of India as Ayurveda, or Egypt or the ancient Mayans, herbs and spices have been used for health care.

With an ancient culture of Ayurveda, most of us have grown up with home remedies handed down from generation to generation. We had quick fixes for everything and also had a very scientific balance in our meals. We use turmeric as a spice and also as a medicine.Spices can be used for your cooking and your health.

Living in the west and getting new information on health care, I have tried to merge the two to work towards my better health and also my own quests on being as compassionate in my lifestyle as I can be.

My blog is to inspire you to make wise choices for the health of your family which includes your pets. I am always trying new vegan and vegetarian products and also products for my pets.

I would love to share my experiences, recipes, interesting information and also would love to share your stories here.

I am teaming up with W T Rawleigh, Regina and The Good Vitamin Company with the hope that I can reach a wider audience that seeks what we have to share with the world, become more compassionate and HEALTHIER!!!

Stay blessed and stay healthy!

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