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Black Pepper: 8 oz

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Made in USA | Best quality manufacturing | Black Pepper 8 oz (227 g) | Offers a pure and fragrant flavor | Spice up all your meals with the world's best black pepper

Pepper - the black gold. Expeditions were launched, wars were fought over this spice.

While there are records of black pepper in ancient Greek and Roman texts, the spice was largely popularized in the late 15th century, after a discovery by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama on the shores of Calicut (present day Kozhikode), India—the spice was so abundant, it ultimately led to Portuguese domination of the area. it is on every dinner table - a common spice. 

There is pepper and then there is Rawleigh's Black Pepper. For us, this is anything but a common spice.

Rawleigh’s Black Pepper is made from the world’s finest Lampong pepper berries. The berries are collected and carefully granulated to produce Rawleigh’s, Black Pepper. Granulated, not ground, and processed to bring you fresh, pungent pepper to perk up a variety of foods.

Granulation assures quality - This pepper is specially granulated to assure quality. The granulation process preserves the tiny oil-bearing cells, which carry flavor and pungency. In other ground pepper brands, the cells are crushed, and the flavors evaporate with the oils. Husk, sand and stems, normally used as filters in pepper, are sifted out in Rawleigh's Black Pepper, leaving only the purest, most potent flavor. Our pepper, in other words, is black gold!!!



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Category: Seasoning
Used for:
Breakfast: Maple and Black Pepper Bacon, Eggs Benedict and Spicy Toast
Lunch: Sautéed Chicken and Broccoli, Black Pepper Tofu
Dinner: Peppery Butter Corn, Honey Pepper Chicken
Ingredients: Black Pepper
(QC Number: 100921_202312_02)
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